Take Back Your Confidence !

Now that you took the Confidence Killers Quiz, you know you are suffering from a confidence killer. Now, you must be wondering: How do you get rid of it? I have just the Answer! Do the Confidence Cascade process.

The Confidence Cascade process is a tool I have used with hundreds of successful women to take back their confidence in order to...

*Make more money

* Get a promotion

* Get their dream job

*Get the recognition they want

* Be the leader they want to be

Many women have done this very same process and it has provided them with a life altering breakthrough. This is a tried and true process. As long as you follow it, you, too, can have a life altering experience.

The process exercise you are about to embark on for the next 7 days is a very powerful way to break through core barriers you have to knowing yourself and expressing yourself as the powerhouse you are. 

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This process has a value of $199 and if you get it now: You can get it for $17!

What This Process Has to Offer

The Process to Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse contains everything you will need to do over the next 7 days.


This process has a very specific process. I explain it thoroughly in the video. You also get downloadable forms to support you in the process to unleash your inner powerhouse.

Daily Reminders and Encouragement

You will receive an email every day with reminders, and a deeper understanding of the process and the outcome.

Before Janet coached me I was a wimp. A big wimp. :) I allowed people to walk all over me and I stepped over things that really matter to me in all areas of my life. After coaching with Janet, I am now a leader in my life. I am leader who holds people accountable, stands for what matters to people and to me, and I step over nothing. I am fully self expressed, authentic and connect to who I really am in the world. I know that difference I make. I am powerful and un-messable with. I am the real deal.

Sarah Chappell- Austin, TX

About Janet

Janet Zaretsky is a Business Success Coach who has helped transform the lives and careers of more than 31,000 people since 1995. With her direct, no-nonsense, results-producing approach, she specializes in working with women to regain their confidence and take their career to the next level.