You may be like the women I work with all the time. You may be a small business owner or are in a corporate culture. You do not feel that you are being and acting as powerful as you want to be.

You lose, or throw away your power in certain circumstances, such as: 

  • In meetings with other more assertive or aggressive women or with men or when you feel like someone might be confrontational.
  • When you want to say something but afraid someone might be offended. You swallow your power. You step over things that may come back to bite you.
  • You may have even hit your head on the 'glass ceiling' financially and are frustrated. Sometimes you blame others. And that does not leave you powerful. 
  • You fail. You fail to be successful in different aspects of your business or career.
  • Money. Making the income you want and deserve. Managing money. Being comfortable, whatever that is for you.
  • Your plan. Knowing where you are going and creating a real executable plan to get there.


  • The confidence to be unstoppable in the face of doubt
  • Renewed power at your fingertips
  • Freedom to ask and get what you want
  • An exponential increase in your income
  • A greatly elevated level of effectiveness
  • A Quantum Leap in productivity
  • AND


DATES: September 23 and 24, 2017 

10 am to 5 pm each day

WHERE: 2415 W Pecan St #100

 Pflugerville, TX 78660


Before September 9, 2017


After Septmeber 9, 2017


About The Zenith Business and 

Janet Zaretsky:

I am not fluffy. I tell you like it is. I have a no-nonsense, direct and practical approach. I provide laser, intentional, results-producing business success coaching for entrepreneurs and career professionals who are up to a big game. 

I have started 5 businesses and am the founder of The Zenith Business. My passion is in empowering women to have the success they want and deserve. I am committed to ending the gender gap, both in pay/income and in influence in my lifetime.

My accomplishments include serving 21 years as a Registered Nurse, and I hold a Certification in Behavioral Style Instruments and Enhanced Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and am a former senior program Leader for Landmark Worldwide. 

As a master business success coach and strategist, I have led workshops and programs and coached over 31,000 people in the past 22 years.

I love what I do and am good at it!

 Comments from past participants 


"Janet knows her stuff. This is the real deal. If you are ready to move onward and upward to overcome any kind of challenge, look no further- you have found the answer. With her wisdom, experience, tools and techniquest you will blast through whatever is holding you back." Sarah Murphy, Co-Owner, Golden Arm Media 


"This will really help me in better communicating with my business partner. I am now able to stand up for who I am and brag a little- don't minimize my success." Misty Marmolejo, Multi-business owner entrepreneur, Regional Manager National Association of Professional Women 


"I found the methods for dealing with conflict and challenging people and situations to be very useful. I discovered some things about myself for the first time. I enjoyed hearing the stories of powerful women and realizing they have similar confidences issues to mine was really valuable" Kristin Johnson, Content Strategist/ Professional Writer 


"I found what I want to get in life and professionally speaking. I created myself. I a m leaving the workshop feeling powerful. I learned how to be among others, how to work with a team and others." Mariana Allen, Entrepreneur 


"I leared how to stop a reaction and identify it as a reaction which gave me power. I recognized how me and other women 'apologize' for who we are. I got that being multi-talented is wonderful and I will do wonders with it" Eloisa Alvarez, Owner of It's Cleaning Time 


"This had a great mix of teaching, conversation and practical exercises and was well paced. You created a positive, supportive and safe environment for sharing and had a great mix of people. I was highly satisfied with the workshop." Becky Arreaga, Mambo Marketing Co-Owner 


"I learned how lacking I am in the confidence department. It was incredibly helpful to learn how the hormones in my body fuel my responses. I really liked discovering what stands in the way of my success and why. The worksheets were wonderful!" Amy Ford, New York Life Insurance Agent, Author, Professional Speaker