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Be the Powerhouse You Know You Are

You may be like the  women I work with all the time. You may be a small business owner or are in a corporate culture. You do not feel that they are being and acting as powerful as you want to be. You lose, or throw away your power in certain circumstances such as: meetings with other more assertive or aggressive women or with men or when you feel like someone might be confrontational, or when you want to say something but afraid someone might be offended. You may have even hit your head on the 'glass ceiling' financially and are frustrated. Sometimes you blame others. And you know that does not leave you powerful.

I am committed to you being powerful, no matter the circumstances. You can. I have worked with women from all walks of life and supported them in owning and expressing themselves fully and getting what they want. I want to support you to do that, too.

Come and be in this interactive breakthrough workshop and let's unleash your 'badassness'!


You will learn the bulletproof method for:

   >Owning and Expressing Your Personal Power

   >Making the Money You Want and Deserve

   >Being an Influencer

   >Being Confident and Standing for Yourself 'NO MATTER WHAT!'


                                      Comments from past participants                               

"Janet knows her stuff. This is the real deal. If you are ready to move onward and upward to overcome any kind of challenge, look no further- you have found the answer. With her wisdom, experience, tools and techniquest you will blast through whatever is holding you back." Sarah Murphy, Co-Owner, Golden Arm Media

"This will really help me in better communicating with my business partner. I am now able to stand up for who I am and brag a little- don't minimize my success." Misty Marmelejo, Multi-business owner entrepreneur, Regional Manager National Association of Professional Women

"I found the methods for dealing with conflict and challenging people and situations to be very useful. I discovered some things about myself for the first time. I enjoyed hearing the stories of powerful women and realizing they have similar confidences issues to mine was really valuable" Kristin Johnson, Content Strategist/ Professional Writer

"I found what I want to get in life and professionally speaking. I created myself. I a m leaving the workshop feeling powerful. I learned how to be among others, how to work with a team and others." Mariana Allen, Entrepreneur

"I leared how to stop a reaction and identify it as a reaction which gave me power. I recognized how me and other women 'apologize' for who we are. I got that being multi-talented is wonderful and I will do wonders with it" Eloisa Alvarez, Owner of It's Cleaning Time

"This had a great mix of teaching, conversation and practical exercises and was wll paced. You created a positive, supportive and safe environment for sharing and had a great mix of people. I was highly satisfied with the workshop." Becky Arreaga, Mambo Marketing Co-Owner

"I learned how lacking I am in the confidence department. It was incredibly helpful to learn how the hormones in my body fuel my responses. I really liked discovering what stands in the way of my success and why. The worksheets were wonderful!"  Amy Ford, New York Life Insurance Agent, Author, Professional Speaker


Don’t Take My Word For It

"Janet’s coaching has made a profound difference in pretty much every area of my life.  Through our conversations, I got connected to something that really matters to me – that the people around me in life really win.  So I started taking my attention off of myself and “making it” and put it on empowering the people around me to win at whatever matters to them in life and was floored by what opened up. 
I had one of the best years of my career leading a newly formed team to completely knock a big software project out of the park, delivering it ahead of time and under budget. 
I found incredible partners and finally launched a non-profit that I had been dreaming about for 5+ years. 
I started coaching everyone in my family around creating and fulfilling on the things that matter to them like starting new careers, losing weight, developing artistic visions, pursuing their education, etc., and they are thriving. 
Inside of having other people win, I started winning at all off the things that mattered to me and a whole new level of aliveness opened up, for which I will always be grateful to Janet for. "

Nicole Richard

National Instruments Marketing Manager, Co-Founder of Science in a Suitcase

"After years and years of struggling and wanting to quit, my speaking and internet marketing business are taking off. And my results are a DIRECT result of the work I did with Janet Zaretsky. 
She helped me get clear and get complete about my past biz mistakes, so I could be the empowered leader I need to be to drive my businesses.
Run, don't walk, to her next workshop/teleseminar. You can't afford to NOT work with her!"

Elaine Williams

Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Comedienne

"Before Janet coached me I was a wimp. A big wimp. :) I allowed people to walk all over me and I stepped over things that really matter to me in all areas of my life. My words didn't matter and I had no say in how my life goes.  After coaching with Janet, I am now a leader in my life. I am leader who holds people accountable, stands for what matters to people and to me, and I step over nothing. I am fully self expressed, authentic and connect to who I really am in the world. I know that difference I make. I am powerful and un-messable with. I am the real deal.""

Sarah Chappell

Yoga and Dance Instructor, Seminar Leader at Landmark Worldwide

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I look forward to personally guide you to Be Fully, Powerfully You!


Janet Zaretsky