Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Entrepreneurial Coaching: Private and Group Programs

I coach entrepreneurs in all stages of business, from start-up to growing, to scaling. I work with solopreneurs and executives to be more efficient, effective and successful. I also have a group program called Pillars of Power which is a year long program for entrepreneurs and career professionals who enjoy the group environment.

Team Coaching

Teams are great, except when they don’t work well together. With my expertise in behavioral styles, conversational intelligence and years of experience causing team cohesion, I can help if there is a team issue!

Curriculum Development

I am highly creative and have designed and delivered training and workshops for years. Tell me how I can help you and your company.

Executive Coaching

I love coaching executives. As an executive you need someone you can trust, be completely open with, who will not just listen but also say what you need to hear to have you reach your goals effectively and efficiently. I am great at supporting you to get your own barriers out of the way so you can do what you do best.

Team Building

Want to build up your team? I use Dynamic Communication and interactive exercises to enhance team dynamics.

Train the Trainer Curriculum Development and Training

Want a training customized? How about training your management to coach and mentor? Let’s talk.

Results Coaching for Short Term Projects

By special request, I work with individuals and companies for quick turn around outcome producing projects.

Communication Workshops

In many ways, everything is about communication. I have trained in Enhanced Conversational Intelligence (Judith Glaser’s work) as well as using behavioral style communication training for over 20 years. I can customize workshops in communication.

Consulting using validated instruments for Hiring, Maximizing Team Effectiveness, Communication in the Workplace

I have been certified as  Behavioral and Drives Analyst by TTI for 20+ years. I use their instruments to support you in your hiring process as well as in coaching teams for maximum effectiveness. I do individual assessments and debriefs to help you maximize your own effectiveness.

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