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Meet Janet Zaretsky

What is The Zenith Business

The Zenith Business is the vehicle through which master power coach, Janet Zaretsky, has you be wildly successful, get heard, get noticed and get ahead. If you want more power, more confidence, more money and to experience the success you know you deserve, you want Janet in your corner- kicking gently and cheering you on!

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Client Testimonials

Nicole Richard
Nicole RichardNational Instruments
Janet’s coaching has made a profound difference in pretty much every area of my life.Through our conversations, I got connected to something that really matters to me – that the people around me in life really win.  So I started taking my attention off of myself and “making it” and ...

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Internet Marketing Professional, Animal Behaviorist. San Antonio, Texas
Before Janet coached me I was introverted, sometimes anxious, and single.Out of being coached by Janet, I now have the ability to establish rewarding relationships; reduction in anxiety in many settings that caused anxiety and significant improvement in my leadership capacity.The results I produced since Janet coached me are:I have ...

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Elaine Williams
Elaine WilliamsSpeaker/Author/Investor/Internet Marketer. NYC, NY
Before Janet coached me I was: letting other people who I worked with professionally treat me very unprofessionally,  internalizing past failures and mistakes and making them mean negative things about myself and my value. (or lack thereof before Janet), waiting for everything-waiting for my agent to book me as well as ...

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Casey Cowdrey-Romero
Casey Cowdrey-RomeroRegistered Nurse, Hospice Clinical Liaison. Austin, Texas
Working with Janet is refreshing to say the least.  Her coaching is eloquent and masterful.  She has the ability to listen and hear everything behind what I don’t say.  Before Janet coached me I was someone who let things “slide by”, I didn’t hold others to account, and I especially ...

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Ann Arnoult
Ann ArnoultPilates Studio Owner
It is my privilege to write this Testimonial for Janet Zaretsky.I have known Janet for ten years in a number of roles. She has excelled in each of them.Personal coaching is where she has demonstrated the highest levels of effectiveness in my life.I have been given the absolute best coaching ...

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Sarah Skelton
Sarah SkeltonDance and Pilates Instructor, Austin, Texas
Before Janet coached me I was a wimp. A big wimp. :) I allowed people to walk all over me and I stepped over things that really matter to me in all areas of my life. My words didn't matter and I had no say in how my life goes.  ...

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Robyn Jamison
Robyn JamisonArtist, Austin, Texas
Before Janet coached me, I was unable to gather any momentum towards realizing my goal to return to being a truly productive artist.I approached Janet to request she be the “committed listener” to my promises regarding doing my artwork. Despite the fact that I love make art once I’ve gotten ...

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Kirk McDow
Kirk McDowSales Coach, Entrepreneur, Musician, New Orleans, La.
As an entrepreneur and professional coach myself and having worked with people as a headhunter, consultant and adult education seminar leader, I am, to say the least, extremely picky when it comes to coaches and coaching.My coach is one of the very finest coaches I have ever had the pleasure ...

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Benjamin Moore
Benjamin MooreMinister, Austin, Texas
Out of the work I did with my coach, I finally declared myself a minister and completed the ordination process to become a minister.It was one of those decisions I had been looking at for years, but had put off. After one coaching sessions with her, I saw clear to ...

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Andrew Poles
Andrew PolesGeneral Contractor, Austin, Texas
I am up to a lot in my life and everything I am up to really matters to me.  I manage a multi-million dollar corporation; I sell very expensive high-end products for my company; I am a husband and a father and I lead personal development seminars where people go ...

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