We have all sat through boring speakers; speakers who are talking ‘at’ us, speakers who are so polished that you feel like they are reading a book and you as a listener are unimportant.

I am not that kind of speaker! I have spoken for nearly 20 years in front of over 30,000 people.  I have been trained by some of the best in the industry. I have been described as a direct, powerful and gripping, yet fun speaker.

My speaking style is engaging, interactive, impactful and fun. Like my coaching style, I am direct, no – nonsense and highly related. When I am in front of people, it is really like we are having a conversation together – just in front of a lot of other people!

I am available to speak on a variety of topics and am happy to discuss your needs and create something that fulfills what your organization is looking for. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Sample Topics

  • Expressing Your Power
    • Is what you leave people with, the impression you want to leave them with? From crafting a unique memorable introduction, your dress, your body language and what you say all leave people with an impression of you.In this interactive talk, you will examine and elevate the way in which you represent yourself and create your own “Power Profile”. Janet is a master at having you express yourself as the powerful and unique professional you are.
  • Change makers: Women Empowering their Future
    • Although women are more recognized in the workplace, there still remains a wage gap, a leader gap, an influence gap. It is up to women to alter the culture and close the game. In this highly interactive talk, women learn techniques for empowering themselves and closing the gender gap in the workplace.
  • Unleashing the Leader Within
    • Leadership is not an inborn trait. We all have the capacity to lead. In this interactive talk, you will discover how to express true leadership, where people around you win, too.
  • Communicating with Style
  • The Power of Really Listening
  • Acknowledgment: Key to Productivity

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